gesture (illustration friday)

Introducing the creative lover.


  1. I love it! I wish my husband would do the same! Great illustration.

  2. Hey, this is a really funny gag. Genius!

  3. I don't believe it! It took me a while to spot the cut flowers in the front...until then I was starting to think the Guy was doing the 'she loves me...she loves me not' thing taking a petal off at a would have taken forever with that bunch! When I saw it I laughed and felt a bit silly for not having seen it straight away!!Good work as usual!

  4. Hey Rod, the best gags are the ones that involve the viewer. If it takes a second or two for us to process it, we feel we are a part of it, and it's all the better.
    Okay Magyarix, I'm done hijacking your blog. Ha!

  5. Dear all! Thanks for your creative comments.

    Dear Ted, you are also welcome to hijack our mind.


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