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scary (illustration friday)

I don't think this one needs any further explanations. Feel free to comment or write a capture about the scary clash of night-creatures, Count Dracula meets Ma'am Extraordinaire. illustration Count Dracula scared

fuel (illustration friday)

Fuel creates jobs. New Coffuel (coffee fuel) stations at large office buildings can not only control the coffee consumption (health status of the employees) but create new jobs. Award-winning design and well-qualified, friendly staff is awaiting you 24 hours a day. All Coffuel points support a very natural socialization of all colleagues. coffee fuel station, coffee pump, illustration

scattered (illustration friday)

Making some strawberry shake. scattered, kitchen, shake, electronic mixer, cocktail, child

undercover agents at the park

At the beginning of autumn, we have had several days with rapidly fluctuating temperatures, usually cold mornings combined with sunny lunchtimes. At lunchtime on one of these days my colleague and I went to a nearby park to play our almost regular ping-pong match. After finishing it, we just realized that people around us were wearing t-shirts, and both of us were wearing way too warm clothes, coats, flat caps. Actually we were looking like two poorly masked undercover agents. undercover agents, park, ping-pong, table-tennis, drawing, illustration, sketch

contraption (illustration friday)

For me Segway is one of the strangest contraptions. But it is funny and I think it has a future. This week's drawing of mine is a vision about the Segway world championship series, just like Formula One or IndyCar. I made their tyres wide, I think at about 900-1000 Horsepower they will need that. I also think they will need a front wing because of the down-force, so they don't fly away. I must contact Adrian Newey. segway race, segway championship, illustration