imperfect (illustration friday)

This one turned out to be a critical drawing. I hope it is not too much encrypted.

imperfect, imperfection, intellectual value, illustration


  1. very interesting, love yout style

  2. Aw crap! This one's too deep for me. Darn!

  3. Heh heh - looks like Arnie is the gatekeeper for the land of Intellectual values... nice one.

  4. If I could enter, I would probably understand this!!! Love brainteasers like this! All I can see is a baffled womans rights activist trying to work out why she shouldn't be finding this hole in the fence so attractive! :)

  5. Rod you steal the show :)

    Yes, it is too complicated, too deep, etc. In a "perfect" world, there is an "imperfect" guy looking for a different world, where inner values count... but it looks like the entering of it needs perfect outer values. Endless loop see loop endless.

    Thanks for visiting.


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