ferocious (illustration friday)

One of those ferocious moments.

illustration, sketch, cartoon, ferocious, monster, fly, swatter, aggressive man, guy


  1. I can remember how one mosquito could keep you up all night until you finally clobbered him. That was when we lived between two creeks.

    So amazing how one little creature can work you up into a frenzy. We've all been there.

    Helpful hint: When you see a fly buzzing around your house, don't chase him, just close the shades to make it dark, then open the front door where they'll be directed to the sunlight. Once there, you have the option of either letting them out or clobbering them on the screen door. Your call.

  2. thats brilliant! You have caught that moment so well :)

  3. It's hard to be ferocious when the fly sits on the end of your nose..Old chinese proverb.


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