fuel (illustration friday)

Fuel creates jobs.

New Coffuel (coffee fuel) stations at large office buildings can not only control the coffee consumption (health status of the employees) but create new jobs. Award-winning design and well-qualified, friendly staff is awaiting you 24 hours a day. All Coffuel points support a very natural socialization of all colleagues.

coffee fuel station, coffee pump, illustration


  1. Heyyy.. check out that fancy 'coffee pot' nozzle. I wonder if it takes time to learn how to get it all in the cup, though? Just this morning I splattered gas all over my motorcycle tank :(

  2. This is great! Love the perspective and the old-fashioned style.

  3. This is very clever I really like it :)

  4. Excellent ! Love the coffee mark on the opposite door !

  5. Doesn't the Guy stand inside the machine nowadays?
    Love that drain and the coffee stain on wall!

  6. This is a wonderful one!
    I noticed while working in a office that coffee break was the most important and interesting moment of the day...


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