undercover agents at the park

At the beginning of autumn, we have had several days with rapidly fluctuating temperatures, usually cold mornings combined with sunny lunchtimes. At lunchtime on one of these days my colleague and I went to a nearby park to play our almost regular ping-pong match. After finishing it, we just realized that people around us were wearing t-shirts, and both of us were wearing way too warm clothes, coats, flat caps. Actually we were looking like two poorly masked undercover agents.

undercover agents, park, ping-pong, table-tennis, drawing, illustration, sketch


  1. Do you dress that way because of your homeland or because you are a hipster?

    As for date stamps; I post-date to make the copyright at least appear more current. Us web artists need all the help we can get :(

  2. I am now starting to think you are from Russia or Norway? Are you the Guy in the foreground?

  3. Guys, you crack me up :D. It was just a funny coincidence somehow, nothing more. When having an important meeting, I usually take something more elegant, but nothing special, no social or national reasons.

    Yes, I am the agent in the foreground.

    I live at about 48° North latitude, 14° higher than Ted, and at least 8° higher than Rod :)


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