yield (illustration friday)

2012 Summer Olympics in London could be the first games with real public participation. Get off your seat and break Usain Bolt's 9.572!

keywords: yield sign, summer olympics, men's 100 meters, illustration


  1. If these two start running in front of the pack it just might throw the athletes concentration off and give them the edge.

    They remind me of a joke my Grandfather used to tell us:

    While singing in church he noticed that the lady in front of him had her skirt pushed up between her legs, so being polite he reached forward and pulled it out. Well, she turned around and slapped him.
    So, to makes things right with her, he pushed her skirt back in.

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  3. No offense, but... in the UK, left-hand traffic is in use, therefore post should be on the left side. :D
    Lovely picture, though.

  4. This is a riot!! Love it!!!! Great spin on the theme.

  5. Those two don't look like they are going to break records...well not speed ones..,....

    reminds me now of the slow bike race we used to have at school...last one there won!


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