the pen mover

I am thankful for all comments. They have always been a great inspiration for my work. I think those, who are especially active followers, deserve a separate post and maybe even more. The first of them will be The Pen Mover, the artist Rod MacGregor. Visit his blog to see his works. My favourite character of Rod's world is Gerard, the guy with a relatively bad body mass index. Now, I have made a 3D Gerard figure. It could serve as a model for figure drawing at The Pen Mover Academy :)


  1. Haha...Thanks Magyarix!!!! This is by far the best post I have seen!!! :) I am honoured beyond words!!! I have to admit that it is not difficult to visit here and look at your fantastic drawing work which is at such a high level, it would match any cartoon work in 'The New Yorker' as many people have already told you!!! (now I have said that I feel less indebted to you!!!....But it was true!.)
    Gerard...Nice model...but needs to be fatter before he is allowed to enter the The Pen Mover Academy!!!

  2. Oh man, that is really funny. I'd recognize Gerard anywhere.
    Where's his dream box? Gerard is usually in a dream box.

  3. Thank you guys:). I have some poor reaction time nowadays, but I read your comments.

  4. Haha, the look on Gerard's face is priceless. Also, I think it was kind of you to give him somewhat longer legs. :)

  5. not you, Rod, i mean Gerard's groupie.

  6. Hey inspired me to make my own Gerard 3d model
    I mentioned you in my post..take a look.
    Mita....I was excited for a second!


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