bounce (illustration friday)

This week's word is bounce. It reminds me of Oscar Pistorius and his crossover from Paralympics to Olympics. He made Olympic history on his debut as he circled the 400m track on carbon-fiber blades in 45 seconds. Critics investigate to determine if the blades have special bounce to give him technical advantage. One thing is clear, he is mentally one of the strongest in the field.

keywords: Oscar Pictorius, Blade Runner, drawing, line art, ink


  1. Thats a good drawing...nice to see you back...somebody, only yesterday, told me about this man and I thinks its an amazing made me wonder if he wins will it make people want to change their legs for these bouncing ones?

  2. Gosh, that guy makes me feel like a slob. I can't even get myself over to the jogging track, which is 3 blocks away.

  3. Awesome inking. Love the force in the drawing.

  4. Wow! Really cool style. Lovely line quality.

  5. What a great subject and so well done. Love the style very much!


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